Featured: ‘She Is Fierce’ Podcast + Four Things I Want Every Woman in Business to Know

Last year I was interviewed by my friend and fellow St. Augustine local Kelly Youngs, for a podcast she hosts as a part of her organization, She Is Fierce – a global women’s network that connects established leaders and women on the rise to give them the tools they need to follow their dreams.  Kelly and I met early on in her venture and my magazine, St. Augustine Social has featured her in several stories while we watched her events and initiative take the local women’s business community to new heights.  So… you can imagine my excitement having the tables turned and to find myself seated in the interviewee’s chair for a change.  Any chance I get to level with other business owners and also share my personal journey, I enjoy.  After listening to the podcast this afternoon, 4 things stuck out to me that I want to make sure you know…

1 – You don’t have to use your degree now.
On the day I left my job at Debbie’s Day Spa before my big move to Atlanta and our upcoming wedding, Andrew sent me flowers with a card that said “Happy Retirement”  Ha! Honestly, I was ready for a break, but I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to contribute to our household and guilt that I would be wasting all the money I spent on college by not diving head first into my next career move.  Looking back 12 years later I just want you girls to know – that is B.S.  It’s okay to take a break. Some of the most amazing, influential women of our times did their best work in their 40s,50s and 60s!!!! Don’t rush it!  Have kids while you’re young and have energy.  My 37 year old self currently chasing a 4 year old has a lot of experience in the field of exhaustion lately.

2 – Ask yourself if it’s worth it.  
I think we live in a world that over glamorizes the hustle and #girlboss movement of our time.  My fear is this leads women down a path of entrepreneurship that will take their time, treasure and talent away from their already busy lives, but doesn’t guarantee the financial win fall they’ll be expecting because of the filter of Instagram. Time is our most valuable resource that you can never get back.  Protect yours with extreme ferocity. Before you venture into a good idea, ask yourself if it’s worth your time in the sort and long term.  Do the math, twice.  Andrew always says to me “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should” and I wholeheartedly agree. Edit and choose wisely when it comes to your time.

3 – Do not, whatever you do, compare yourself to others. 
There will always be someone better than you, more experienced than you, prettier than you and skinnier than you.  So trying to catch up or keep up is pointless.  Put blinders on, keep your head down, drive in your own lane and know this world is incredibly abundant. There is room for all of us.  Don’t compare yourself to your competition, it will only make you resent them and feel worse about yourself.  My friend Mandy Kellogg Rye said it best “I’ve never had to unscrew another woman’s lightbulb in order to shine.”  Amen.

4 – It takes time to become a good manager. 
This is the number one best lesson I have learned in my 10 years running our company.  No matter what school of business you attended or not, no one starts off as a perfect manager.  It takes time, trial, and error to establish the perfect system and tact for managing people. Don’t hate yourself for the mistakes you will make. Be humble and honest with your team and learn from every hiccup you encounter.

To listen to the full interview, click the picture below. And, LOL pay special attention around the 19:29 mark for a surprise guest. 😉

Introducing The Hope Planner

Almost two years ago I started reading the Bible everyday. It was at a time in my life where everything I was working towards was working against me. Eleven years into our marriage, after the birth of our son, while I was still trying to manage my role as “the boss” in the growing company I had founded before motherhood, I was miserable. Self-doubt consumed my thoughts, exhaustion overwhelmed me, our marriage was suffering and I thought “this is not the life God planned for his daughter,” and then it occurred to me in all of these new things in my life, I had left God out of them.

I had it all wrong. I sought encouragement from business books, followed other entrepreneurs on Instagram, got up earlier and earlier to crush my to-do list, yet I rarely spent time in prayer, I never opened my Bible, I had zero fellowship with other Christians, and we hadn’t been to church in years.
I was empty and the only thing left in me was an overwhelming feeling that I just needed Jesus and that God was calling me to invest my time in the Scriptures.
And so I did.
Because I’m a graphic designer, list maker and generally pretty organized, I turned the weekly to-do list I had designed for myself into a daily one that split my to-dos between “God, family and work” so I could visualize on paper where my priorities were each day.  I wanted to find the harmony between my role in our household as a wife and mother, my faith and also my desire to lean into my career ambitions…. without letting one area become neglected as I was currently battling.  Over the last 18 months I have used that daily planner (printed and bound at Staples every 3 months) to make a habit of reading the Bible every morning and letting that study lead my prayers, reaffirm my faith and help me grow confident as a wife, mother, business owner and Christian.
When I tell people now that I read the Bible everyday, they look at me in amazement (mostly shock) and ask me “How?!!? How do you find time for it!?” And I say this: I simply made a space for it on my calendar and remained committed to my daily “appointment” with God. However sterile that my sound here on this blog, I can assure you what started out as something I needed to do, has now become something I want so badly to do each day. It has made me realize that no amount of planning or organization…. or crushing, or hustling, or competing, or dreaming …can hold you together like the glue of God’s grace.  Absolutely nothing compares.
As the pages and my faith have matured over the past 18 months, I realized this planner was meant for something much greater than my own personal use. It’s meant to serve you too.
In the last year, between growing St. Augustine Social, negotiating and managing the sale of The Celebration Society, launching Littleature and writing two children’s books, I took what I know about publishing and design and used it to move the production of this planner from my local Staples to a mass production facility on the other side of the world so maybe it could change your life too.
Today, I am humbled to introduce to you our latest brand, Hopefuel – a faith-based publisher of workbooks, planners, and journals and most importantly, home of the Hope Planner.
The Hope Planner serves two purposes…

1 – TO HELP YOU STAY ORGANIZED.  Like a traditional agenda or daybook, it’s a place for you to keep track of all the priorities of your daily life –  tasks, appointments, shopping lists, reminders. In addition to that, I’ve added my personal system of weekly “big picture” planning and monthly goal setting as well as progress tracking that has helped me keep my family and company on track. 

2 – TO HELP YOUR FAITH GROW STRONGER.  Unlike a traditional planner, its primary purpose is to help you make a place for Bible study and prayer in your daily life.  Because it is your trust in God’s direction that is the ultimate peacekeeper in our lives. 

This planner is not a Bible study – it is a tool you should bring with you to Bible study. There are no pre-selected Bible verses for each day, instead blank designated space for scripture and prayer. I know that everyone’s journey is unique, so I wanted it to serve as a clean slate you can use during each phase of your life, where you can pair it with the scripture you are being led to study at that time.   

A few key features to note….

  • It is undated so that you can begin devoting yourself to daily bible study among all the other things on your to-do list at anytime.
  • It has a 6 month layout out because I just don’t feel like I want to carry around 12 months worth of paper at a time.
  • It is 6″ x 9″ linen wrapped hard cover with gold foil.  So beautiful!

For women who are craving a way to be more “in Christ” in real life I can tell you based on my own personal experience that starts by spending time “with Christ” everyday.  The Hope Planner helps you prioritize your daily devotions before you ever tackle the to-dos and serves as a subtle reminder throughout the day that God is with you, wherever you are.
We are now accepting pre-orders for the first batch of planners currently being produced.  They are $34 each and will be shipping in October 2018.
I don’t know where this brand will grow or how many people will use the Hope Planner like I have, but I can tell you I am leaning hard into the direction of God in my life these days because of it… and if I can help one person or one thousand do that too, I will have succeed beyond my wildest dreams.
Here’s a direct link to our new Hopefuel.co website and the Hope Planner.

4 Ways to Improve the Way You Track Your Advertising and Better Understand Your Results

If you think “How did you hear about us?” is an adequate way to track your advertising – we’re here to tell you you are wrong.  Sorry to be so brash, but someone has to tell you. Before you get offended or leave this post, scroll down to be enlightened on the most effective ways to track your advertising and better understand your results.

First, understand that transactions are different from reach. 

When you buy an ad, you don’t buy a transaction, unless you buy a coupon or special offer style ad.  EVERYTHING ELSE IS REACH.   We get it,  when you spend money, you want a guarantee that you are going to get what you paid for…. especially when it comes to advertising, especially print advertising.  Unfortunately, that’s not how advertising works.

In order to be at peace with your marketing plans you have to stop tracking only transactions and start measuring value in REACH.

When you buy an ad, you buy the # of people you can reach within a demographic…. NOT the final customer. So when you are choosing advertising options…. choose base on reach and ask yourself what type of awareness can this media outlet bring for my business. Not how much money can I make from this ad?

But I still want to track my ad…. 

Ok.  Yes! You can track the performance of your print advertising!  And no, it’s not by verbally asking “How did you hear about us?” In fact, with the technology of today’s world, you should never have to utter those words again.

Here’s why the question “How did you hear about us?” Doesn’t work.  Human error.  Rushing.  Not caring.  It’s not the job of your potential customers to keep track of your marketing efforts, it’s yours. So don’t leave their response to the question “How did you hear about us?” open for interpretation. The response should be pretty simple. Comparing your marketing plan.. it was either.. your print ad, your online ad, a friend, or recent PR coverage, etc.  OR ALL OF IT.  But Betty, who just wants to know how much it costs to have a wedding at your venue, doesn’t care about your marketing, she just wants to get down to the reason why she called.

Don’t grill her, or waste her time trying to validate your marketing….

Instead do this…..


Your contact form or request for proposal form on your website is more valuable than you think.  Since your website is your new receptionist, it’s crucial that she/he is accepting all the necessary valuable information you’d normally have a human ask. Besides the obvious information you need from new inquiries, asking the question “how did you hear about us?” is likely the 2nd most important question to have on the form.

Doing these steps will immediately improve the marketing tracking answers you get from customers…

  • Make the question “How did you hear about us” required.  This should be obvious.
  • No open ended questions.  It’s not the job of your new client to track your marketing. Trigger their memory with a list of all the potential places they could have seen you.  “How did you hear about us” is an open ended question.
  • Use checkboxes for multiple answers.  Once you’ve listed all of the print, bridal shows, websites, social media, friend referrals and even editorial your business is in, use checkboxes instead of a dropdown list so that the client can click ALL THE WAYS they’ve seen you instead of only one.  If studies show it takes multiple impressions for a client to take the initiative to call your company, it’s likely they’ve seen your business in several places.  This will help you get more specific results.

If your contact form or RFP form does not look like this, you are leaving information on the table and not accurately tracking your ads.



Your website is your receptionist.  Period.  No longer do people see your ad, scan for your number and dial up right away.  They research you first.  And where?  Your Website!  So, having a bird’s eye view of how people have found your website (it’s not all links from other sites!) and what they look at on your site when they get there are crucial indicators of your offline and online marketing and how effective your site actually is at keeping their attention once they’ve arrived.

Web Analytics programs tracks three different ways visitors get to your website.  Only one of those actually tracks internet referrals from other websites.  Here are the other two best ways to keep track of your offline marketing with Web Analytics…

  • DIRECT TRAFFIC.  Direct traffic is a list of people who have gone to a search engine and specifically typed in your website address.  Meaning… they already knew it.  They didn’t search you or find you on another website, they saw your website address somewhere else (eh hem, perhaps your print ad) and typed it into the URL address box.
  • SEARCH.  Organic (meaning not-paid for) search traffic is two fold.  There are people who search for your business type and people who search for your business name.  Type is true organic search that you can thank the search engines and SEO for.  However, Business Name searches should be attributed to your offline marketing and general brand awareness campaigns. Whenever you see someone search your business name, ask yourself… “How did they know about me to google my business name?”


By assigning a unique local phone number to each advertising or marketing campaign, you will be able to track all of your phone calls back to the campaign that generated the call. This will allow you to discover exactly which advertising campaigns are generating sales and revenue for your business.

Here are three custom phone number companies I recommend…


I placed this at the bottom of the list because it’s truly an old school method, however still effective in some cases.  If you’re going to do a direct mailing piece or promotional hand out at a bridal show, tradeshow or ad, use a promotion to get people to pick up the phone or call instead of just a branding piece.  Then, give your promotions unique codes that your management can track when clients turn them in.  If you don’t have a computer system that keeps track for you, create a spreadsheet that your manager can enter the customers into when they bring in the coupon.  Remember, no one is going to bring in your ad/postcard for no reason, they need the incentive like $500 off or a free gift so don’t forget that part.  At the end of the promotion or year tally up the results to see which promotion worked best.

If you aren’t doing all of these things together, you simply cannot accurately say “I didn’t get anything from my ad.”

Celebrating New Beginnings with The Celebration Society

Today our company announced some big news regarding The Celebration Society over on the official Occasions Media Group site.  You can read it here.  I’ll wait.

Okay you’re back.

Yes!  You read that right, we’re growing, but we’re not doing it alone.  We’ve partnered with Nei-Turner Media Group out of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin to take the mission of The Celebration Society nationwide and I couldn’t be happier about the serendipitous sequence of events that led to this new arrangement.  So I thought, for our friends and family who’ve been following our business for the past 10 years, you’d like to hear a bit of the backstory of how this came to be and what it means for the future.

Here goes…

When God births a burden in your heart, lean into it.  – Andy Stanley.   I read this quote in my favorite book “Thirty One Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and Doer” and it has been burned on my memory every since.

If you read my previous post about Remembering Why I Started you may have sensed that my heart has changed a bit since becoming a mother.  It has.

The best way I can explain it is to quote Kristin Pidcock of the Limelight Theatre from her recent feature story in St. Augustine Social.   She said “You know that moment in The Wizard of Oz when the movie turns from black and white to Technicolor? Well, that’s what happened to my life when I had my kids. My life changed to technicolor.”

It did for mine too.  Before Asher, I had no idea what he would do to my schedule, but my heart was craving a way to replace relationships of convenience (mostly business related) with FAMILY.  And he has.  Now, my days of networking events, business meetings, and being glued to my computer at the office to gain the slightest popularity advantage over my competitor have been replaced with tickle sessions, cannon balls in the pool and seeing all of God’s glory in this earth through the eyes of a three year old.

Heather Vreeland and Andrew Vreeland

Okay, okay that’s very sappy – it’s not always rainbows and unicorns.  That dude makes me crazy most days, but he’s my crazy.  😉

Being a mother brings a whole new meaning to the term work-life balance that I wasn’t prepared for.  Not only do you balance working and being a mom, but add in being a loving wife too and I’m like… “can I get an assistant up in here?!!” Or a stunt double.  That would be helpful.

Managing it all – business, marriage and parenthood – made my new technicolor world a little dull though.  How could this happen?!!  2016 was a hard year for us while we adapted to working more and more together, managing the uncertainty of business and the multiple personalities of a 3 year old. By early 2017 we both knew we wanted to change our lifestyle.

After some serious soul searching, Andrew and I realized we’ve been chasing a goal, that doesn’t fit either of our personalities. The bigger we got, the more disorganized and out of control we felt… not to mention absent from Asher’s life.  And because we never stopped to identify the goal we were shooting for besides “paying our bills” we just kept selling more and growing more only to feel like we ended up with a net zero (mostly emotionally) in the end.  So we stopped and started asking ourselves what is the ultimate goal we’re after?  Turns out, we both just want to be financially secure and provide for our little Florida lives. And we want to be present in Asher’s life.  I cannot say this enough!  I’m not trying to buy jets here people.  Just juice boxes and maybe a new pair of jeans each season.  We don’t want to be media moguls, we just want to manage the media we have in the most efficient, simplest way possible and without unnecessary stress.   If the past three years have taught me anything besides how to raise another human being, I have learned that contrary to what I have been working towards for the past 10 years, I actually don’t want to manage a big staff.  I want to be a mom and the time I spend away from my family I want to be spent working alongside a small, trustworthy team of people who have common career goals and who look out for each other.

Heather Vreeland and Andrew Vreeland

That was a ground breaking discovery for us personally and one that we knew would limit where our products can grow from here.

We had to make a decision about what we would say “no” to so that we could say “yes” to a more balanced life.

So I asked for help.  I prayed long and hard about how I was feeling as a wife, mother and business owner and I knew I needed relief.  Over and over I asked God to unveil to me his plan for my life and his plan for our business.  And mostly, as those things started to become apparent to me, please let me heart be at peace with that plan.

And then one day I said to Andrew  “We should sell The Celebration Society.”  My baby. Our baby. The brand we invented from thin air.  At that moment, I knew that we alone could not lead the The Celebration Society anywhere beyond its current status.  It deserves more.

But something so much better happened.  Through a mutual industry connection and an extremely divine interaction, I met Nei-Turner Media Group.  I made an off-the-cuff remark to a vendor about finding a partner to help take The Celebration Society to the next level and that same day Barb Krause, the publisher at Nei- Turner Media Group mentioned to that same vendor that they were looking for new projects.

What are the chances?!!  

After an email introduction we immediately clicked and began devising a plan of partnership to satisfy both of our interests.  The long and short of it is: The Celebration Society won’t be run, grown, managed by just me and Andrew anymore.  Hallelujah!

The team at NTMG will manage the day-to-day transactions of accounting, bookkeeping, sales, and production and I will remain as creative director and strategizing with the team on growth strategies for new markets.  Together, we are taking The Celebration Society coast to coast!

Meet your main point of contacts at The Celebration Society.  From left to right – Dena Frisch, Advertising Sales Manager,  Barb Krause, Publisher and Heather Vreeland, Founder and Creative Director (that’s me!) Super, extra double bonus:  Nei-Turner Media group brings a team of 25 to the table so there are many more faces behind-the-scenes too!

dena frisch barb krause heather vreeland the celebration society

Not only are these gals experienced in the publishing world, they are quite the tour guides too. I had so much fun visiting Lake Geneva, WI.

The 2018 Annual Weddings Issue is already in the works.  The advertising deadline is November 10, 2017.  The editorial submissions deadline is September 15, 2017.  If you want to be featured, submit using your “My Events” dashboard on TheCelebrationSociety.com (we’ll be picking from published events there) or by using Two Bright Lights.

If you are a current advertiser of The Celebration Society, you will notice no interruption in service, other than more people serving you and a different address to mail your checks to. 😉

St. Augustine Social, our city magazine for St. Augustine will remain independent from this partnership and run by our Occasions Media Group team in St. Augustine.

Disregard my bandaid – I smashed my thumb in the car door on my first day in Wisconsin!!! ;-(

10 years ago this January, I decided I wanted to quit my job and start a business. And while being an entrepreneur does come with incredible perks, it does have an alternate effect of making a business owner feel very isolated, like living on a deserted island at times.

I’m happy to report that feeling has all been entirely replaced with peace and I know, this is truly what is meant to be.  I’m so excited to see where we take The Celebration Society from here!



Remembering Why I Started

A brief note: I wrote this blog almost a year ago but was too scared to ever press publish for fear of being perceived as weak or giving up in my vulnerability. But privately, I knew I needed to write what I was feeling and I’m so glad I took the time to do it.  Writing this blog was wildly therapeutic for me because as I re-wrote my story on getting started, gave words to the true feelings I was experiencing as an entrepreneur and re-hashed “my why” internally, it help me clear the weird fog that had been clouding my brain to unveil an incredibly strong foundation I’d forgotten I had.  Today, things are A LOT different and because I wrote this post, it helped me problem solve my way to a whole new reality by identifying what wasn’t working and what was working in our business and create a task list of what I needed to do to change it.  A lot of things have changed as a result.  I’ll be sharing more of that soon!  

If you are a business owner who feels stuck, uninspired or just bleh – I feel you, I’ve been you and I’m here to tell you, this too shall pass.  

July 19,2016 – I have been having a difficult time lately. I know that’s vague and incredibly opened ended, but that’s the only way I can describe it.  A difficult time.  Time.  I have been wasting time having difficulty trying to find my purpose, trying to hear my authentic voice again, trying to remember my decision to do what it is I do on a daily basis because sometimes I just don’t remember.

I am no longer the young, eager go-getter that got me to this place and while I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I’m having a hard time giving the new me a name.  So where is it that I am?  What place is this?  It’s not a magical island I bought with my millions or the top of success mountain I’ve been climbing for so long – it’s today.  No different than yesterday.  Same email inbox, same to do list, same business, same dreams, same goals – different girl with a different perspective because of experience, life season, employee turnover, competition, customers, age. Different hue of rose colored glasses you could say and to be honest with you, they’re a little dirty right now. #truth

The “cool-ness” of being in business has changed dramatically since Andrew and I started our company in 2008.  Now, starting a business is the in thing to do. It’s what all the cool kids do and if you’re not hashtagging and keeping up with the conversation on social media you’re not succeeding – or at least that’s the way it feels to me.  I feel like an outsider because I don’t self-identify with what everyone else sees as being a successful business owner on instagram or facebook.  I’m not all #girlboss #bosslady #cantstopwontstop – I used to be but it doesn’t feel natural to me now.  So, what do I call myself then?

Do I even really need a designation?  Is that what’s an expected of entrepreneurs?  To have a brand, a message, a greater mission than just making our company work?  Am I the only business owner that feels pressure to be more than just a business owner?  I don’t know.  And I think I’m becoming a victim of comparison and the climate of “getting everything you want”  is way cooler to look successful than to actually BE successful.

And then I saw this on my friend Mandy’s Instagram….“Remember why you started” and thought it would be a helpful exercise to recall just what is was that made me do, what I do.  Here goes.  

In the beginning…

I have always had an admiration and affinity for the media. The sound of NBC Nightly news instantly brings me back to 693 Blueberry Drive and recalls the smell of my parents house, the concrete on my bare feet, the sounds of pots and pans, the hustle and bustle of after school play, my mom making dinner and the clank of the garage door that slams so loud when my dad arrives home from work.  I have memories of standing in front of the TV to watch breaking news with my mom that I will be able to instantly recall for the rest of my days.  Baby Jessica, Columbine, Princess Diana’s funeral, Hurricane Andrew, the OJ Simpson trial, Oprah, Regis and Kathy Lee.  It’s not just TV either.  Back then, the Palm Beach Post weighted 5lbs and was 4 inches thick. An institution and a staple on the breakfast table every Sunday morning.

Jim Sackett, the News Anchor for WPTV Channel 5 in West Palm Beach went to my church and it was like seeing a celebrity every Sunday during communion. You get the picture.

Media is an elusive, powerful force that I’ve always respected for its reach and influence.  But I never thought about having a career in media. To be a part of such an institution – I don’t think I ever thought it could really be done.

Truth is, I didn’t have a lot of forward thinking about how to be a successful adult while I was in high school – I was a terrible student. I just wanted out.  To work, to make money, to be free.  But the connection I made with choosing a strategic school based on my career goals and it’s effect on my ability work and make a substantial about of money was touch and go.  Maybe even non-existent.  Eventually I found my way to St. Augustine, FL and Flagler College by way of a failed relationship with my first real boyfriend who I definitely thought was “the one.”  Newsflash.  He was not.  (L.O.L.)

My desire to be independent and make my own decisions (no matter how bad they were) brought me to a beautiful small town that conveniently was home to an equally beautiful, small private college that had a “communications’ program.  I guess I’ll apply.  “WTF does communications mean?” I remember thinking.  Oh like broadcast. TV Stations.  Public Relations (what’s that!?) Ok cool.  Accepted. Sweet.

Fast forward through four years of college and the realization that – as it turned out – I did not have any interest in being a news anchor or anywhere in front of a TV camera.  Ever.  (Imagine my excitement watching social media turn into one big personal broadcast camera crew over the years – oh boy). And then, one fabulous college professional planted a little sales seed in my brain when he pointed me to the business side of media that ultimately altered my career path forever.

When I graduated from Flagler and did not find a job in the sales department of a TV station as I had envisioned I would, I accepted a position as the Marketing Manager at Debbie’s Day Spa. Little did I know, this job would teach me everything I know about myself to be true to this day.  Like:  I have chutzpah. I’m a doer, a problem solver.  I am creative.  I am a graphic designer. I love working behind the scenes. I treasure the close knit team of a small business.  I am a facilitator.  I like to make things happen. I am a natural sales person.  I am competitive.  I have big dreams.  I have good taste.  And, I can do anything I put my mind too.  More on that in another post.

Debbie hired me and unleashed me on a path to market her business.  That’s it.  No direction, just do it.  And that is when things started to fall into place.  When I took what I learned in school and put it to real life use, the thrill of getting published or featured in the news for me was no different than what I assume an olympian must feel when they secure their first place spot at the top of the podium (ok that’s dramatic). My affinity for the media became even stronger as my career developed and the thought of being on the other side – the deciding side of a media became increasingly interesting to me.  With my insight from the ad buying side of the table, I had a treasure trove of ideas that our business was looking for in an advertising partner but never found a solid match.  Light bulb: there are (were) no good local magazines (back then) in St. Augustine…..I should start one and then I could market multiple business and I could also be the person that makes decisions on who gets featured, facilitate community, create networking opportunities, help businesses spread the word….. THAT would be the ultimate thing.  And that’s when I knew I wanted to make a magazine.  Even though I had never worked for a magazine, designed a magazine, written an article, sold advertising… I just knew I could.

And I did.  (We did – Andrew and I).  It took about 4 years to get there, a whole new city, husband and inspiration, but a las I found myself running Atlanta Occasions Magazine.  A wedding & party magazine for metro Atlanta.  A far cry from my original “city magazine for St. Augustine” idea, but God has plans and I trusted them.

Here’s where I think started to forget….

Being an editor of magazine has it’s perks.  Respect is a big one as I eluded to earlier.  And while it was not the respect part that led me to start it, but the “I can do it and probably better” in me that did. There is (or used to be) very little competition in the world of media. Which means, there are very few editors (aka influencers as most are known as today) and it’s a powerful position to be in when you are a rarity.  It’s like when Andrew was a little boy riding in the backseat of his dad’s airplane.  When the air traffic controller came on the radio – you did not speak.  He’s told me several times that he wondered “who was this powerful man on the radio that my dad respected so much? I want to be him.” Now, I found myself in the position of authority I was so inspired by.  I took the responsibility seriously and immersed myself in our industry and made a name for our little magazine made out of our home (on my laptop) in Hampton, GA and that little thing grew to produce over $500,000/yr in annual review before we ever thought to expand into other markets.  

But it’s 2017 and the industry has changed.  Now EVERYONE PUBLISHES EVERYONE.  There are a bajillion blogs for every topic in the market.  There is too much noise. It’s not special anymore. Or it hardly feels that way to me at least.   Anyone can start up a blog tomorrow and be like XYZ media corporation, LLC. Inc. and all of a sudden they’re little blog posts are being shared on Facebook by a company who is proclaiming they are “proud to be featured in XYZ media corporation, llc, inc.” that no one has ever heard of before.  Suddenly, our very legit, very hard working team, very expensive to operate media company is being lumped in with the newest blogger-on-the-block and I’m like “Wait.  What?”  Everyone is getting featured everywhere by everyone.  It doesn’t feel special anymore.  

Sorry, I sound incredibly cynical, but somebody has to say it… so I did.  

Couple that with 8 years of maturity, motherhood, employee turnover and the fact that I’m the type of person that if everyone is doing it, I don’t want to do it at all – it doesn’t make it easy to keep the engines running like I used to. #whatnow


As I write this and relive each moment I see that even in the beginning, simpler times of running a boutique media it wasn’t being at the helm of a magazine as the editor that fired me up.  It was just DOING – and having the fervent belief that I could – that got me out of bed every morning.

Here I sit realizing I have no emotional attachment to my role as editor, but I have a sincere connection with my role in running a business. Doing it what it takes to make a business work better.  I just know I can.  

When I remember why I started, suddenly the fog I’ve been feeling has lifted and I can clearly see our company and my role and I can let go of the cynical resentment to the changing climate of magazines, websites, blogs and social media that has been weighing me down. There’s nothing cool, hip or trendy worth #hashtagging about that. It feels natural, not forced and real.

I started because I am a doer. I can literally get anything done.  I started because I wasn’t afraid, I knew I was destined to create something great and I could do it damn better.  I could facilitate a community and place to help a mass amount of businesses vs just working for one.  It wasn’t a love of media that got me started (and kept me going), that was just the direction I went in.  I finally realized media wasn’t my why, making something happen was.  So, no matter the changing tides of the wedding media (or any media, or any industry) the fire inside of me that burns to DO…. hasn’t changed one bit.

And that is the greatest realization I have ever made.

I want to hear your story.  What’s your why?  Leave me a comment below to introduce yourself and tell me a short bit about your WHY.  ????

Image by Rustic White Photography