Blogging, Influence and the Purpose of It All: A Dave Ramsey Interview with Seth Godin

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of blogging is.  Today, there is content everywhere you look.   Anyone with an internet connection can share their views and I’m not convinced that is such a good thing.  For me, my natural instinct is to share, facilitate and problem solve, but with so many other people doing the very same thing on their own platforms I often say to myself “What’s the point?  The world will be just fine without my two cents.”

But will it?

Well, maybe the world will be just fine, but maybe my experience is actually something of value and could influence one, two or ten people for the better. And maybe this blog is the only place where we could make that connection.  I guess that is the point.   That’s what I learned from this Seth Godin Interview on Dave Ramsey’s blog.  If you’ve got something to say, share it somewhere more meaningful than snarky twitter updates.  <—–  Um whoa… does Seth follow me on Twitter? How did he know?

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 2.59.19 PM

I never set out to lead a tribe or build a following, but as an entrepreneur and everyday business owner with a voice that can’t be squandered…it has come naturally for me with the territory.  And it’s like that for many other leaders too.  Because we’ve done it… gone out and created a way of life out of thin air… others hoping to do the very same thing will look to us to show the way.

So, I’ll be right here, doing just that.

Here are my favorite quotes from the blog…

“You’re not doing it for the revenue, like most of us don’t do it for the revenue. You’re doing it because the output of a synchronized tribe is so powerful.”

“If you’re really going to run a small business for the future, it’s not going to be because you’re the only store in town that sells something. That’s never going to be true again because of the internet. You’re going to succeed because you are the ringleader, the drum major, the person who keeps your tribe, whatever tribe it may be, in sync because that’s what they want.”

Read the entire interview here.